Welcome Selma Erickson, Analyst – Content Marketing

Selma is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota twin cities where she studied English literature, Journalism, and Russian history. She realized her love of digital marketing and spent her senior year working as a freelance copywriter and SEO specialist for a small digital marketing agency. She became a pro at producing content and learning the ropes of UX/UI website design.

After graduating, she worked as a marketing manager for a small Chiropractic clinic where she learned all the ins and outs of not only marketing, but your spine. Selma was able to hone in her skills in content creation and marketing strategy. She has experience working in real estate, investment banking, health & wellness, and weddings. Selma loves digital marketing because it is ever growing, there is a plethora of opportunities to explore every corner of digital marketing that interests you.

If you ever have Russia or Eastern European history on your mind, go up to her and start a conversation about Leonid Brezhnev, Nikita Khrushchev and/or women’s education in Russia during the 1950’s.

Random Facts:

  • Selma is vegan and loves finding new ways to vegan-ize any meal
  • She is obsessed with the show Succession and has the theme song as her morning alarm, the stress of billionaires gets her up in the morning
  • Her favorite type of music is indie folk but she spends more time at underground dubstep shows than with her favorite bands
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