seydi ba headshot

Seydi Ba

Seydi got started in digital marketing in college as a social media coordinator for a student organization he was a part of. After he graduated he started out by doing consulting work for various companies, expanding his knowledge of various strategies such as email, social, and content marketing.

He loves that digital marketing constantly presents new opportunities to learn and grow. No day or project is exactly the same. Seydi is passionate about figuring out solutions to clients problems and helping their business thrive in new and creative ways. 

Random facts:

  • Seydi loves anything involving basketball: Watching, studying, talking, or playing. Obsessed may not be a stretch. If you want to hoop, he’s your guy to talk to.
  • In his free time you can find Seydi drawing. He is always looking for ideas of what to draw next.
  • Seydi loves to travel and have new experiences. One of his favorite experiences was swimming with sharks. He recommends it to anyone who has the opportunity.




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