bradley hofbauer headshot

Bradley Hofbauer

Bradley spent 6 years teaching high school math and private music lessons before jumping head first into fundraising and development at World Vision by planting the Minnesota Chapter of Team World Vision. A significant challenge of this work was tying data together from partner organizations to their individual constituents and then to the resulting donations and donors. During this time, Bradley became an expert at system integration, data synchronization, and UX all while staying engaged in direct fundraising, marathon training, and partnership management. This ultimately led to a stint as a CRM implementation and data analytics consultant.

Bradley loves to see an organization realize their goals with ease by using the most appropriate technology tools available. His creative music background mixed with an analytical approach to business and data means that each problem is approached with a sense of uniqueness and peculiarity that serves the specific needs presented. With significant experience in HubSpot, MS Dynamics, Power BI, and many more, Bradley is especially passionate about streamlining decision making by creating compelling visualizations of data that tell a story and require very little administrative effort to manage or produce.

Random Facts:

  • He has completed 13 marathons, 4 Half-Ironman triathlons and 1 Ironman.
  • He once had a record deal. Seriously. Ask him about it.
  • He will only write notes or journal with a pencil (never pen), specifically the GraphGear 500 by Pentel.