Arin Arpinar

Arin excels at providing direction for clients struggling to drive new leads to their business. He loves working with teams to create impactful paid media plans that win. He predominantly works on clients in the real estate, auto, and Software as a Service industries.

Random Facts:

  • Arin has never been inside a Walmart.
  • Arin has traveled to over 11 countries and all over the United States’ National Parks.
  • Arin is a Certified Master Recycler / Composter.


paid media marketing during a recession blog cover and headshot of author

Paid Media Marketing During a Recession

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the terms “recession” and “uncertainty” communicated more frequently in the news and at work recently. In all seriousness, this is a difficult time for many Americans, and we can empathize with individuals and businesses feeling overwhelmed by the ambiguity. This blog will predominantly focus on how…

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How to Avoid Burnout

How to Avoid Burnout Covid-19 social distancing measures making you feel burnt out? You are not alone. As someone that struggles with anxiety, these last few weeks have been tough. One day the introvert in me is thriving. I cook a three-course meal, go for a run, and work on my personal website. The next…

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two multicolored quilts

Lifestyle Imagery Refresh Leads to 10x Revenue

An e-commerce client in the quilting space recently acquired an ample supply of a quilting product, hoping to increase demand. In tandem, our team found that the product’s existing ads had the lowest engagement compared to its peer-set average on Facebook. Arin recommended “showing” in the ad imagery vs. “telling” by demonstrating the product in…

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