Alaina Bergen

Alaina has been involved in the world of digital marketing since 2016. Her first digital marketing experience was during a college internship at an agency in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Once the internship was over, she entered the freelance world and fostered her passion for writing, storytelling, and strategizing. She loves to help clients get the most out of their content and their digital marketing experience as a whole. 

Random Facts:

  • Alaina loves to travel and be adventurous. She and her fiancee make it a point to go on road trips as often as possible to see new places and enjoy new experiences. 
  • Alaina is an avid runner and cross country skier. She and her dad run 10ks together. 
  • Alaina absolutely loves to cook and bake. She was a bread bakery manager for her entire college career, so bread and sweets are her specialties.



Alaina Bergen Win Template

Content Marketing Win: Blog Refresh Assisted Over 8k in Revenue

An e-commerce tea company that sells high-quality loose leaf tea partnered with Augurian’s content team in September 2021. To help bolster their content marketing efforts, increase organic traffic, and increase conversions, we reworked one of their existing blogs. In just four months Augurian’s process for content marketing had assisted with nearly $9,000 in revenue. Assisted…

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Content Marketing Win: Content Refresh Drives 11X Increase in Monthly SEO Page Visits

An exterior remodeling business for homeowners in Wisconsin partnered with Augurian’s SEO content marketing team in early 2021. To help them reach more local leads through organic search, our content marketing Senior Analyst, Alaina Bergen, reworked an existing blog that spotlights one of their highest value product lines. In just 2 months, Augurian’s process for…

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