Abhinav Sarabu

For Abhi, the Midwest has been his home, from Dubuque to Madison to Milwaukee and now Minneapolis, he’s been heading to a bigger city with every move.

One of Abhi’s passions is Entrepreneurship, he believes that being a better marketer makes you a better entrepreneur. With his experience of running a collegiate Entrepreneurship student Organization and being a Coordinator for a non-profit organization helping underprivileged entrepreneurs in Milwaukee. Abhi has been immersed in the community and understands the impact quality marketing has on the performance of companies regardless of size.

Random Facts:

  • Abhi loves music and has a music label to produce and distribute music. His label achieved a total of 50,000 streams recently.
  • Being from Wisconsin Abhi is an avid basketball watcher and a big fan of the Milwaukee bucks.
  • Abhi also loves to be outdoors, you can frequently find him at random state and national parks on the weekends.