Reverse Engineering Your Way To Better SEO Rankings

Reverse Engineering Better SEO Rankings

How can you improve the ranking of your content in search engine result pages? Augurian’s Colin Hirdman is here to share a quick tip for SaaS marketers to improve SEO rankings. Watch the video to hear the proven strategy to get your content to rank higher on the SERP.

Reverse Engineering YOUR WAY TO Better SEO Rankings

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Video Transcription:

Colin Hirdman: Hello, everyone. My name is Collin Herman, president of Augurian. I have a quick tip for all you sass marketers out there that want to rank better for the content that you’re creating. It’s about reverse engineering.

The idea is quite simple.

If there are topics and keywords that you want to rank for, you go to Google, you type in the keyword, you look at those top 10 results. Then your job is to start identifying what is it that those 10 results all have in common. It could be things that they all have video, they all have content that’s X amount of characters or more, that they have bullet-point lists. Then looking at the metadata, what are their title tags; H1, H2. It’s really understanding why is that Google is rewarding this content and ranking it so high.

Once you understand what those basic components are, then you build your content using those, and then also adding in elements that you think would make for an even better experience, and then testing from there.

Using the methodology around reverse engineering testing to create learning page experiences that really delight your visitors, are the best way for you to gain rank.

I hope this tip has been helpful!

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