Common Challenges With Closed Loop Analytics

In this video, Derrick Turner discusses common challenges that can arise for businesses that have implemented closed-loop analytics. To learn more about what closed loop analytics is, and why you should consider it for your business.   Transcription Josh Becerra: Hey, everybody, this is Josh Becerra from Augurian. I’m here with our director of services,…

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Aligning Sales With Digital Marketing

“A lead only adds value to your business if they actually become business.” Your sales team should align with your digital marketing investments to drive the highest possible value to your business. In this video, Derrick Turner, Director of Services, explains more about how Augurian optimizes the alignment of sales and digital marketing investments. Video…

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bi-modal approach to paid media

Bi-Modal Approach to Paid Media

In this video Derrick Turner, Director of Services at Augurian, describes the bi-modal approach to paid media that our agency takes when managing campaigns for our clients. You’ll learn why carving out some budget, monthly, for experimentation can help uncover opportunities that could dramatically impact results.   Transcription Derrick Turner: Hello everybody. My name is…

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