We Are Augurs

Augurian was founded to help leaders have confidence in their digital marketing investments as well as efforts that impact the digital channel.

Our core focus is driving business growth and helping our clients meet and exceed their goals through paid media (SEM), organic search (SEO + content) and analytics.

Similar to the augurs of Ancient Rome who provided counsel to emperors, Augurian helps modern day business, financial and marketing executives solve critical marketing challenges, both strategic and tactical, and have confidence in their digital marketing investments.

Digital Is About People People Drive The Strategy People Operate The Technology People Establish trust

We hire the best people in our industry because we know that people drive results, and we know that results and working with experts matter to you.

Simply put, we care about people…our people and yours.

  • Josh Becerra

    Founding Partner
  • Colin Hirdman

    Founding Partner
  • Derrick Turner

    Director, Services
  • Micah Perzichilli

    Director, Operations
    Founding Partner
  • Shinhee Son

    Director, Organic Search
  • Ben Anderholm

    Director, Paid Media
  • Cassie Burke

    Manager, Content Marketing
  • Arin Arpinar

    Manager, Paid Media
  • Maddy Goeser

    Manager, Paid Media
  • Brandi Palechek

    Manager, Organic Search
  • Alex Kingson

    Manager, Paid Media
  • Kareim Bakhsh

    Senior Analyst, Organic Search
  • Madison Youngquist

    Senior Analyst, Paid Media
  • Payson Merkel

    Analyst, Paid Media
  • Jordan Janousek

    Analyst, Paid Media
  • Alaina Bergen

    Analyst, Content Marketing
  • Jessica Meyer

    Analyst, Organic Search
  • Justin Brecheisen

    Analyst, Organic Search
  • Abhinav Sarabu

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Dylan Sherman

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Kevin Malecha

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Marci Ricklick

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Monica Synstelien

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Seydi Ba

    Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Autumn Iwanok

    Agency Assistant